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  Theme: Exploration and Encounter  
  These lessons explore the processes, technologies, and socio-cultural circumstances of the meeting of worlds and cultures in the United States.  
  Map 1 The World Columbus Knew in 1482  
  Map 2 An Indian Map of the Southeast, ca. 1721  
  Map 3 Captain Cook and Hawaii, 1778  
  Theme: Migration and Settlement  
  These modules study the movement of peoples to and within the territory of the United States and the imprint of the resulting regional and local cultures on the landscape.  
  Map 4 "Nouvelle Orleans" and Nearby French Settlements, ca. 1723  
  Map 5 Fremont Surveys the Road from Missouri to Oregon, 1843  
  Map 6 Migration, Indian Removal and The Oklahoma Land Rush, 1890  
  Theme: Environmental History  
  These modules examine the processes of human use and modification of the American environment and the social and economic consequences of environmental change.  
  Map 7 The Distribution of Woodland in the United States, 1873  
  Map 8 Mining in South Dakota, 1878  
  Map 9 Tourism, Water, Power, and Conservation in Yosemite National Park, ca. 1935  
  Theme: The Historical Geography of Transportation  
  These lessons aid student understanding of the historical development of networks facilitating human interaction in the United States and the social and economic impact of these networks.  
  Map 10 Turnpikes, Canals and Railroads in the United States, 1835  
  Map 11 The Transcontinental Rail Network, 1878  
  Map 12 Auto Trails of Florida, ca. 1924  
  Theme: Political and Military History  
  These lessons examine the geographical context of major military conflicts in American history, with particular emphasis on the influence of geography on the political issues that led to these conflicts.  
  Map 13 A British Plan of Revolutionary Boston, 1775  
  Map 14 North America on the Eve of the United States - Mexican War, 1845  
  Map 15 The World at War, 1944  
  Theme: The Geography of American Communities  
  These lessons use maps to illuminate the geographical fabric of American urban and rural communities and daily life, with a particular emphasis on the processes that constantly modify the character and of these communities.  
  Map 16 A Farm in Menard County, Illinois, 1874  
  Map 17 The Global Community Meets at Chicago's World's Columbian Exposition, 1893  
  Map 18 Metropolitan Los Angeles, 1979  
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