Theme: Settlement and Migration
Map 6 - Migration, Indian Removal, and the Oklahoma Land Rush, 1890
Map of the Extreme Southern Portion of Oklahoma
Core Map
: T. J. J. Wiggins, "Map of the Extreme Southern Portion of Oklahoma showing all 'Claims' filed upon, & by Whom," (1890). Newberry Library call number: Graff 5426

This core "map" actually consists of four maps published on a large single sheet of paper, known as a broadside. Taken together, the four maps on the broadside tell a compelling story about European Americans' thirst for western lands and the displacement of American Indians that resulted.

Lesson Plans

  • K-2 - Trails of Tears
  • 3-5 - Come West Young Man
  • 6-8 - The Changing Faces of Oklahoma
  • 9-12 - Township and Range in the Wild West

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