Exploration and Encounter
Map 2 - An Indian Map of the Southeast, ca. 1721
An Indian Map of the Southeast, ca. 1721
Core Map
: "A Map Describing the Situation of the Several Nations of Indians between South Carolina and the Mississippi River". In Archer Butler Hulbert, The Crown Collection of Photographs of American Maps (Washington, 1873), series 3, volume 1, plates 7-8. Newberry Library call number: Ayer 136 H91 1914, vol. 1

These lessons employ an Indian Map of the Southeast, circa 1721, to explain the way that different cultures represented spatial relationships. This map prompts discussion of the ways that natives of an area graphically represent their home to newcomers, and the reasons that a map aids people who are travelling to a new place.

Lesson Plans

  • K-2 - Relationships to Others
  • 3-5 - Same Place/Different Map
  • 6-8 - Mapping an Encounter
  • 9-12 - Mapping Relationships in a Community

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