Political and Military History
Map 15 - The World at War, 1944
Core Map
Core Map
: "Rand McNally Polar Map of the World," in Rand McNally World Atlas, Premier Edition (Chicago: Rand McNally & Co., 1944). Newberry Library call number: Rand McNally Collection, Atlases, World Atlas Premier Edition, 1944. © 1944 by RMC, R.L.03-S-87. www.randmcnally.com

The core map is world map constructed on a polar projection. The unusual perspective was intended to show Americans that the Second World War was not as geographically distant as it appeared when political alignments were shown on maps using more traditional map projections. These lesson plans use the core map and maps with other projections to demonstrate that the way we view the world is affected by the models of it that we commonly encounter.

Lesson Plans

  • K-2 - If You've Seen One Map, Have You Seen Them All?
  • 3-5 - New Perspectives
  • 6-8 - Map Stratego
  • 9-12 - Making a Point

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