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Nez Perce Perspectives

Treaties: Nez Perce Perspectives is a publication collectively authored by the tribe to “commemorate and honor our ancestors.” Intended as a guide to Nez Perce history and an introduction to the tribe’s legal claims to sovereignty over its ancestral lands, the book also describes fundamental Nez Perce tribal values.

Many outsiders have written about the Nez Perces; this is the first publication produced by the tribe itself. It is time for such a publication, the book’s authors declare. They hope it will help people understand “the time honored beliefs of the Nimiipuu [Nez Perce]” and the “strong resolve that we, as a tribe, have for meeting … events yet to unfold.”

Nez Perce Treaty Perspectives.
Nez Perce Tribe: Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Program, 2003.

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Courtesy of Fred Hoxie