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Descendants of Petamyo Mox Mox

Alexius Minthorn is the son of exhibition consultant Marjorie Waheneka and her husband Armin Minthorn. Alexiusís grandfather was Phillip Minthorn, who assisted the author of Weyekin Stories. Alexiusís great-great grandfather, Philip Cash Cash Minthorn, was an elder in the Tutilla Presbyterian Church and a prominent leader on the Umatilla Reservation.

The young man can trace his heritage back to Philipís father, Petamyo Mox Mox, a signer of the 1855 Treaty of Walla Walla. Alexiusís link to the treaty that established the reservation where his family makes its home underscores the continuity of Umatilla life and helps explain why the tribe is so strongly committed to the treatyís provisions.

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