Crossing the Indian Country, 1804 1806
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With the Walula

Walula leader Yellepit (Friend or Trading Partner) met the Americans on April 27 and insisted they stay several days. He showered the visitors with gifts of dogs and canoes, and presented them with a magnificent white horse. He also urged the families in his village to bring the visitors firewood and food. The following night, Yellepit hosted a grand celebration where Yakamas from upriver, together with Umatillas and Cayuses (perhaps 550 in all) danced and sang.

The presence of a Shoshone captive in the Walula village enabled Lewis to conduct interviews, translated by Sakakawea and Charbonneau. In the course of these conversations, Yellepit helped Lewis draw a detailed map of the confluence of the Columbia and Snake rivers and other tributaries.

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