The Indian Country, 1800: A Brilliant Plan for Living
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Hudson's Bay Company

By 1800, the Indian country’s networks of trade and diplomacy had long included Europeans. This map of Hudson’s Bay Company trader Anthony Hendry’s trek from York Factory on Hudson Bay, to the Rocky Mountains illustrates that fact.

Traveling a half-century before the Corps of Discovery, this young Englishman paddled through the river and lake systems north of Lake Winnipeg and followed the Saskatchewan River west to the mountains. He encountered French traders at Fort Paskoyac and spent the following winter with a camp of Blackfeet hunters.

Unable to persuade his hosts to switch their allegiance from French trading partners to Hudson’s Bay Company, Hendry returned to Hudson Bay by canoe in the spring of 1755.

Anthony Hendry. :Map of Hendry's Route, from York Factory to the Blackfeet Country," in The Journal of Anthony Hendry, 1754–5.

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