The Persistence of Nahua Culture

“The Will of Don Miguel Damián,” from E. Eugène Goupil, Documents pour servir à l'histoire du Mexique
Paris: E. Leroux, 1891
[Ink and watercolor on amatl, 1576]

Don Miguel Damián, deceased and wrapped in a shroud, is at the upper left in this list of his goods and heirs. Circles with crosses represent money ("xv ps°” [pesos]) given to the church for masses and prayers to be said in his name. Doña Ysabel, his surviving second wife, and her inheritance are shown in the second band; Don Miguel's children follow: Don Gaspar, Don Francisco, Doña Baula (the page is torn and her image lost), and Doña María. The listed order of the distribution of goods follows that of alphabetic documents.

Newberry Library: Ayer 507 .B6 1891

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