The Persistence of Nahua Culture

“Parochial Register of Deaths, Tepejí del Río (Hidalgo, Mexico)”
[Libro donde se asientan los que se mueren en este pueblo de Tepexic desde março de 1605 en adelante]
Hidalgo, Mexico, 1605-1642

This poignant little book records deaths and burials between February 3, 1605 and August 31, 1642 in Tepejí del Río (Hidalgo, Mexico). Women are indicated by heads wrapped with braided hair; men are shown as heads with short dark hair. Among the entries for 1613 are Pedronilla (Sunday, Oct. 13); Marcos Jacobo (Wednesday, Oct. 30); Juana Sánchez (Tuesday, Nov. 5); Julio Cacalotl (Thursday, Nov. 7); Alonso (Saturday, Nov. 23); and Miguel Chachalaca (Sunday, Nov. 24), all signed by Father Alonso de Paz, parish priest.

Newberry Library: Vault Ayer MS 1491

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