Web Resources

The Newberry Library
The Newberry Library houses several prominent railroad collections, including the
Pullman Company Archive. The finding aid for the Pullman Collection is here:
http://www.newberry.org/collections/PullmanGuide.pdf. The collection is wide reaching
and contains materials related to the town of Pullman, the Pullman Strike of 1894, Mexican
and British operations, Pullman cars, employees, labor relations, and unions, as well as many
other topics.

The Encyclopedia of Chicago

The Encyclopedia of Chicago is a dynamic online resource for metropolitan history.
Thousands of resources—including articles, photos, maps, broadsides and newspapers—
related to Chicago’s history are available. The online encyclopedia contains multiple entries
related to Pullman and other Chicago neighborhoods. (Just type “Pullman” into the search
box to begin.)

The Historic Pullman Foundation
The Historic Pullman Foundation Web site provides a history of the town as well as a
larger historical context of the district. The site has excellent links and bibliographies for
further research.

The Pullman State Historic Site
The Pullman State Historic Site Web site includes digitized primary sources such as
photos and newspaper clippings. Here, you also will find transcribed interviews with
Pullman workers and in-depth coverage of specific topics related to Pullman, including
“Politics and Pullman” and “Pullman and the Spanish Flu Epidemic.” The site highlights
labor and race relations as well as the town and the company.

The A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum
The A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum site provides general information and
history about the Brotherhood of the Sleeping Car Porters as well as a list of useful links for
labor, African-American, and railroad history.

The Dramas of Haymarket
The Dramas of Haymarket is an online project produced by the Chicago History Museum
and Northwestern University. The Dramas of Haymarket examines selected materials from
the Chicago Historical Museum’s Haymarket Affair Digital Collection, an electronic archive
of CHM’s extraordinary Haymarket holdings. The site interprets these materials and places
them in historical context.

The Great Chicago Fire and Web of Memory
The Great Chicago Fire and Web of Memory is an online exhibition created by the
Chicago Historical Museum and Northwestern University. The site includes digitized
primary sources focusing on Chicago during the second half of the nineteenth century.
Sources include photographs, documents, and pamphlets as well as essays written by
historians placing the primary sources within historical context.

This Library of Congress Collection
This Library of Congress Collection showcases more than 3,800 images of original
manuscripts, broadsides, photographs, prints, and artifacts relating to the Haymarket Affair
in the collections of the Library of Congress.

Illinois During the Gilded Age
Illinois During the Gilded Age, a project of Northern Illinois University, provides primary
and secondary material about Illinois between 1866 and 1896. The site houses multimedia
material such as videos and recorded sound as well as digitized documents and photographs.
The site contains a section specifically dedicated to the Pullman Strike here:

The Labor Trail
A joint project between the Newberry Library and the University of Illinois at Chicago's Department
of History, and the Chicago Center on Working Class Studies, funded by the Illinois Humanities Council.
This on-line history resource builds on “The Labor Trail: Chicago's History of Working-Class Life and
Struggle,” a map of 140 significant locations in the history of labor, migration, and working-class culture
in Chicago and Illinois.

Illinois Labor History Society
The purpose of the Illinois Labor History Society to encourage the preservation and study of labor history
materials of the Illinois Region, and to arouse public interest in the profound significance of the past to
the present.

The Black Metropolis Research Consortium
The Black Metropolis Research Consortium (BMRC) is an unincorporated Chicago-based association of
libraries, universities, and other archival institutions with major holdings of materials that document
African American and African diasporic culture, history, and politics, with a specific focus on materials
relating to Chicago. The University of Chicago serves as the host institution for the BMRC.

The Chicago History Museum
The Chicago History Museum is the repository for the records of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters as well as George M. Pullman's personal papers. In addition to these core collections, the Chicago History Museum also has a number of ephermeral items related to the Pullman town and community, including most of the few remaining photographs taken during the 1894 strike.