Out Of Many: Religious Pluralism in America
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Creating the Other: Challenges in Native American Art

This collection began as an introduction to Native American textiles for students enrolled in a survey of art history from the Baroque to the modern period, but it quickly became obvious that a straightforward compilation of images for the students would not address the challenges of studying Native American art and artists. Indeed, this packet presents four relatively contemporary examples of art in order for students to consider in detail a few specific questions, including the questions of authenticity in Native American art, the idea of the commodification of images, the solidification of aesthetic norms, the questions of artistic and cultural identity and the tensions between art and religion in select indigenous groups. The four representative examples include: Oscar Howe and his Philbrook episode, the Nėret-Minet auction of Puebla artifacts, Jeffrey Gibson and his recent success, and the arts and crafts movement in America.


Polly Hoover, Wilbur Wright Community College