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29. upermost to be in like condition. To be cool is the most alluring blessing. Norm sights than nakedness under tropical sun - must be seen to awaken horro. There is a beautiful park near the railroad terminus - surrounded by glori torous an iron rail - beding from this is Queen St - the only wide and good looking street in Havanna. Two pecularities of Havanna stuck my comic vein. One was the rotundity of their women (the Creoles) - fat - lazy - cirpulent - an armful each one - and the other was - the peculiar disposition of their jack asses tails. These are all carefully braided and tied to the saddle pommel. The reason of this is difficult to surmise - perhaps for fear they will get lost. At 2. PM we again embarked. The negroes were still shipping our coal - and the passengers - straying alone in the shore boats These boats too are built for comfort - the passenger seat or stien being covered with hoops & Canvass like a market waggon. Our docks were animation - the shift was preparing for the sea. At 1/2 past 3 PM. the anchor was weighed and our bow turned again to the ocean. As we passed the guard ship - the officer came off and received our pufs - a shore boat took off a member of the boatwork who ever being carried off away - the sentinel of the Mon again hailed us - the Spanish Flag - was run up and saluted by us. The mouth of the harbour was passed and the city of Havanna lay behind us. A large platoon of Soldiers were drilling at the barracks as we passed. We were told that three of them had been executed but a few days before. And for the most trivial offences. Two were for theft and the third for disrespectful conduct towards an officer. They have a cruel way of execution - a most barbarous method. It is by means of a iron collar with screws and with a piece running up and embracing the back of the head. The culprit kneels or sits and the collar is put on and screwed almost to