The Plan of Chicago exemplifies the collaborative spirit of urban planning in the early twentieth century. Although Daniel Burnham continues to receive much of the credit and criticism for the work—so much so that it is often referred to as “the Burnham plan”—many individuals contributed to the project. City officials were consulted, but the Plan was not a government project. Rather, the undertaking was initiated and sponsored, financially and politically, by the Merchants Club and Commercial Club of Chicago (which merged before the plan was completed). These clubs consisted of self-selected civic leaders who were committed to advancing both business and philanthropy in Chicago. The work of creating the Plan, like the finished product, was large in scale, for it involved— over a three-year period—the skills of professional architects, designers, academics, researchers, illustrators, and editors.

The Plan of Chicago established an enduring model for the engagement of civic philanthropic organizations in the creation of visionary planning publications. For example, the Commercial Club of Chicago and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences collaborated to produce the 2001 publication, Metropolis 2020: A Chicago Plan for the Twenty-First Century. The philanthropic organization founded by the club to develop and promote this plan also was the primary organizer of the city-wide commemoration of the centennial of the Plan of Chicago in 2009, and supported in part the development of the exhibition that inspired this web resource.



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