Manila Bay: Plan of Proposed Sea Boulevard (1906)

Parks and parkways were central to Burnham’s plan for Manila and its surrounds. He considered the city’s enervating heat to be one of its chief challenges, and believed that the availability of riverfront and bayside “recreation and refreshment” were the best ways to deal with this. Burnham tried to take advantage of Manila’s location on a coast and beside a river by dramatically extending the Luneta, a half-moon shaped park just south of the old walled city, into the harbor. The shaded Luneta extension, to be built on landfill, would provide a central space for the new government buildings and restore the broad vista of the bay that had obstructed the growth of the size of the port. Burnham also developed a promenade and drive along Manila Bay, south of the central city, as places for healthy recreation. The bay front boulevard was to extend southward all the way from the Luneta to Cavite, which is now one of the most densely populated districts in Greater Manila. The 250-foot-wide boulevard would encompass roadways, tramways, a bridle path, plantings and broad sidewalks, and be luxuriantly shaded with bamboo, acacia, mango, and palm trees. Additional plantings would increase “the value of the stretch of ocean and sky.” These proposals for Manila would find echoes in the Plan of Chicago’s proposals for transforming Lake Michigan’s waterfront into recreational open space.



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