Indian Voices by Topic

Families and Clans

Hear discussions on the role of family and the responsibilities of clans, as well as ceremonies and celebrations, courtship, intertribal marriage, and more.

Names and Language

Learn about "civilization" through the eradication of native names, language as identity, the re-emergence of native languages, the preciseness of native tongues, and more.

Food and Environment

Hear about food 'spirits,' the importance of man's relationship with nature, seasonal food gathering and preservation, the loss and return of the salmon, animals seeking refuge on reservations, and more.

Land and Treaties

Listen to speakers talk about the ongoing struggle to retain homelands, reservations as melting pots, treaties negotiated and treaties broken, the pen as a weapon, and more.

Lewis and Clark

Hear about Lewis and Clark the tourists, the reliance of the expedition on natives to survive, dogs for dinner, color in the Corps, and more.

Issues and Hopes

Listen to current misconceptions about Indians, the contemporary challenges and roles of Native Americans today, the fight to regain recognition, their hopes for their children's future, and more.

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