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Low – Pokagon Exhibit

Please close this window to return to previous page. I think that, invariably, people are best at telling their own story. And so, the exciting moment in contemporary museum history has been the emergence of the tribally-controlled museum to tell the story of American Indian people. And it’s been very successful. Up in Mount Pleasant, [...]

Tribal Museums

Several tribes in the Midwest operate tribal museums and cultural centers, sometimes in conjunction with tribal libraries. These are community-based and focused centers that are owned and managed by tribes. They have become an integral part of cultural renaissance in Native communities, as well as one of the ways Native communities try to correct misunderstandings [...]

Low – Pokagon Enrollment

Please close this window to return to previous page. Thinking about membership in an American Indian tribe, I get asked this question a lot from students in classes that I teach. Sometimes they think that anybody can become a member, or that you can pay to become a member or that you can volunteer to [...]

Low – Pokagon Recognition

Please close this window to return to previous page. The Pokagon Potawatomi Indians, I think, are a typical example of tribes that were historically recognized by the United States government and subsequently disenfranchised and denied their sovereign status. And that can be a very disastrous experience for a community because that tribal identity can be [...]