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DeMallie – Dakota Kinship

Please close this window to return to previous page. For the Dakota people, nothing is more important than kinship. To be a good relative is the most important thing that a Dakota can be. In fact, it is a maxim among the Dakotas that in order to be truly Dakota, one must live up to [...]

How We Know

Scholars are interested in many issues related to treaties, including the ways treaties are interpreted, the role treaties have played in U. S. history, and the evolution of the treaty rights movement. Anthropologists who study language and culture have tried to understand what the treaty councils meant to Indians at the time the councils were [...]

How We Know

Historians and anthropologists (including archaeologists, ethnographers, and many linguists) have tried to describe and understand continuity and change in Native societies both prior to and after European arrival. In recent years, ethnographers, who conduct research in communities, have tried to explain how present-day innovations are related to long-held Native values and understandings as well as [...]