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Tribal Museums

Several tribes in the Midwest operate tribal museums and cultural centers, sometimes in conjunction with tribal libraries. These are community-based and focused centers that are owned and managed by tribes. They have become an integral part of cultural renaissance in Native communities, as well as one of the ways Native communities try to correct misunderstandings [...]

Tribal Enrollment

Tribes have the right to determine their own membership. These criteria for enrollment vary from tribe to tribe. In the Midwest, the criteria are based on descendancy, that is, descent from an individual on a particular roll, as well as, in some cases, blood quantum and/or residency of the applicant or his/her parents. Most tribes [...]

Identity Through Fishing

Please close this window to return to previous page. Linda Spencer: In our marina this year we have the tribal fishing boats, commercial fishing enterprise, the S & S fisheries, and it’s been quite a learning experience for all of us this year. There has been some controversy in the area. Some of it has [...]