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Quiz – Treaties Present

Quiz – Treaty Rights

Timeline – Homeland

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Nesper – The Meaning of Clans

Please close this window to return to previous page. Clanship among Ojibwa is probably, is becoming more important, I think, for people as an aspect of their social identity. I will hear people say things like, “I’m a Crane Clan member. I got my clan from my father.” When it is time for someone to [...]

Nesper – Cultural Change Research

Please close this window to return to previous page. Ojibwa people stipulated for the right to continue to hunt, fish, and gather on their traditional territories when they ceded land to the United States. Those rights were exercised for a period of time in the middle of the 19th century and the State of Wisconsin [...]

Treaty Rights Movement

Please close this window to return to previous page. Nick Vander Puy: Patty Loew. Patty Loew: Boozhoo. Vander Puy: Good to see you up north again. Loew: Mii-gwitch. Vander Puy: Your home territory. Loew: Yep. Vander Puy: It’s good being here.  It’s kind of a celebration, 25 years of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and [...]

Fishing Rights

Please close this window to return to previous page. NARRATOR The Ojibwa then turned to the U.S. Court of Appeals which in 1983, reversed the Federal Court’s decision and reaffirmed rights reserved in treaties to hunt, fish, and gather on ceded territory. This ruling became known as the Voigt Decision, named after Wisconsin DNR Secretary, [...]

How We Know

Native communities have integrated new technologies, wage work, literacy, Christianity, and other aspects of majority culture into their way of life. At the same time, cultural continuities have persisted for generations. Recent scholarship concentrates on explaining the survival of culturally distinct Indian communities, despite very severe federal assimilation policies directed at American Indians. Anthropologists especially [...]

Treaties Present

By the late 19th century, Indian political life focused on efforts to get the United States to fulfill treaty promises. Tribes petitioned Congress and the President for investigations of mismanagement of Indian resources and for redress for other treaty violations. Tribes sent delegations of leaders year after year to negotiate and lobby. And, as a [...]