<em>Tractatus Rationis et Conscientiae</em>
Cardinal z Krakowa Mateuz, Tractatus Rationis et Conscientiae, ca. 1460.

The Newberry preserves many books and manuscripts attesting to the Study of Religion, undertaken in these examples by early modern Jews and Christians, and by modern American Indians who hoped to reclaim traditional lore to affirm the heritage of Indian students.


Written by a theology professor, this early printed book is a pastoral work about the persistence of evil in a world governed by God, and instructions for confession. [Essay 55]

Mathaeus de Cracovia
Tractatus rationis et conscientiae
[Treatise on reason and conscience]
Mainz, c. 1469
Wing Fund, 1953
VAULT Inc. 147
<p><em>Mikneh Abram, Peculium Abrae: Grammatica Hebraea</em></p>
Abraham ben Meir de Balmes, Mikneh Abram, ..., 1523.

This Hebrew / Latin grammar integrates Jewish grammatical learning into a humanist paradigm for the study of language based on Greek and Latin. [Essay 120]

Abraham ben Meir de Balmes
Mikneh Abram, Peculium Abrae: Grammatica Hebraea
[Heritage of Abraham]
Venice: Daniel Bomberg, 1523
Gift of McCormick Theological Seminary, 2009
Wing ZP 535 .B633

<em>Institutio Christianae religionis</em>
Jean Calvin, Institutio Christianae religionis, 1576.

Perhaps no other single work influenced the Protestant reformation more than John Calvin’s Institutes. This edition was published in London and includes a significant editorial apparatus that shaped the reception of Calvin’s work for centuries. [Essay 124]

John Calvin
Institutio Christianæ religionis
[Institutes of the Christian religion]
London: Thomas Vautrollier, 1576
Gift of the McCormick Theological Seminary, 2008
Case BX9420 .I58 1576


<em>Athanasii Kircheri Mundus Subterraneus, in XII Libros digestus<br /></em>
Athanasius Kircher, Athanasii Kircheri Mundus Subterraneus, ..., 1668.

The author of this work was a Jesuit scholar of mathematics, natural history, cartography, philosophy, music, and theology—one of the most prolific and vibrant intellectuals of his time. His interest is in connecting the natural world with scripture and theology. [Essay 77]

Athanasius Kircher
Mundus Subterraneus,
in XII Libros digestus [The subterranean world in twelve books]
Amsterdam: J. Jansson and E. Weyerstraet, 1668
Ayer Fund, 1950
VAULT folio Ayer 7 .K58 1668

<em>Old Indian Legends</em>
Zitkala-S̈a, Old Indian Legends, 1901.

This collection of traditional Sioux legends, recounted by two American Indians who had been educated at boarding schools and later taught in that system, is a cultural artifact of the Progressive era. Stories and timeless illustrations appeal to both Indian and white children. [Essay 28]

Zitkala-Ša (author), Angel De Cora (illustrator)
Old Indian Legends

Boston: Ginn & Company, 1901
Ayer Fund, 1922
Ayer 324 .Z8 1901