<em>Le livre de bonnes moeurs</em>
Jacques LeGrand, Le livre de bonnes moeurs (Flanders, before 1478), copy of Wolfart de Borsele.

The French Renaissance at the Newberry Library

The twenty volumes in this exhibition span the century 1450 to 1550 and encompass two renaissances. The first is the French Renaissance, the flowering of Gothic art in the late fifteenth century. The second is the reception into France of the Italian Renaissance, characterized by a rebirth of classical art and literature.

<em>Des grands et excellents biens</em>
Des grands et excellents biens (France, second half of the sixteenth century).

Each volume is part of a carefully crafted mosaic of significant European books assembled over the past 125 years by the Newberry Library’s curatorial staff. The collection on display here is drawn from two major purchases, recent purchases of individual volumes, and one donated by a collector. Generations of Chicago philanthropy made this exhibition possible.