Chicago Protest Collection

Chicago Protest Collection

Building on a strong history of documenting social and political activism in Chicago and the Midwest, the Newberry seeks to collect an enduring record of the many individual expressions of people participating in public demonstrations in Chicago, or Chicagoans participating in such events elsewhere. The library invites people to help document protests, counter-protests, and demonstrations of support for a variety of causes across the political spectrum.

Digital formats accepted (maximum size 20 MB):

Our goal is to make as much content as possible available in a publicly accessible collection. Newberry archivists will carefully review each submission to ensure that no individual’s privacy or safety is compromised. If you wish to donate material but restrict it for five years because of safety concerns, you may opt to do so in the submission form. Due to staff limitations, we are unable to provide a timeframe for when materials will be available.  Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Please select a format below, attach your files, and add the requested information; you may upload up to 20 MB of digital files at a time, and submit as many times as you like. We are currently not accepting physical items such as signs or banners into the Protest Collection.

In order to contribute, you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Note: if you would like your submissions restricted for five years, please include the text "Restrict for five years" at the end of your caption.

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