Translating French History, 1500-1850

Verdict Pronounced by the Revolutionary Court

The document summarizes the findings of the Revolutionary Court concerning Carrier, a deputy of the National Convention, and his accomplices. The men named used the power entrusted to them by the National Convention to assassinate and inhumanely murder many supposed anti-revolutionaries.

Originally, Carrier had been sent, in 1793, to Nantes, a city in the western department of Pays de la Loire, to fight against anti-revolutionary forces. This took place during La Terreur, a period when leading French politicians used brutal violence as a tactic to gain control over the widespread civil war and counter-revolution. After Carrier arrived, he formed the Legion of Marat in order to expedite the disposal of prisoners and anti-revolutionaries in the Nantes and Vendée regions. The Legion used their power to work outside the law and commit many atrocities.

The pamphlet goes into detail about each of the accomplices’ crimes, and then details Carrier’s own crimes. Finally, the Court finds Carrier guilty and condemns him to be executed within 24 hours.

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