Translating French History, 1500-1850

Simple, Easy and Uniform Plan for a Republican Education of the People

This pamphlet, written by René Louis Delagueulle and presented to the National Convention, details the deputy’s plans and justifications for an educational reform. In its introduction, the author invokes republican virtues and principals, reminding the reader of the importance of recognizing that the current educational system is a remnant of the recently ousted monarchy. Rather than having French youth study letters, humanities, and philosophy, Delagueulle argues that in order to continue building the new Republic, French youth must learn a useful trade or profession. This, he argues, will stimulate the economy and educate a future generation. The second part of the pamphlet details the six proposals that should be adopted, and their justifications. Most notably, the deputy also sheds some light on the consequences that this reform will have on women, who are encouraged to become mothers and as a result, the primary educators for future French republicans.

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