The Persistence of Nahua Culture

Petition for Residents of Tototepeque Tulancingo, 1667

In 1667 the tlatoani (indigenous governor) of Tototepeque, Agustín Tolentino, went to the town of Santa Inés, claiming that Tototepeque was the cabecera (head town) of the region. Asserting his authority, he had local resident Baltasar Solitutu brutally flogged for refusing to appear when summoned. Santa Inés did not consider itself subject to Tototepeque. When Solitutu sued his tormenters, the San Agustín Tenango governor wrote a letter of support to the corregidor (Spanish officer in charge of a district) Don Andrés de Trejo Caruajal, who ruled against Tolentino. A court interpreter translated the letter from Nahuatl to Spanish for the legal record.

Newberry Library: Ayer MS 1884 Doc 14

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