Hawaii: Consolidated Chronology of State and County Boundaries

Hawaii Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

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by 1810

King Kamehamea I completed conquest of the Hawaiian Islands and consolidated them under the authority of the kingdom. For local administration the king appointed four Governors: one for Hawaii, one for Maui and the adjacent islands, one for Oahu, and one for Kauai and the adjacent islands. (Littler, 17; Swindler, 3:13 )

31 December 1840

Kingdom of Hawaii became a constitutional monarchy with the Constitution of 1840, drafted and promulgated under King Kamehameha III. (Littler, 18-19; Swindler, 14-20)

30 January 1875

Hawaii and the United States approve the Reciprocity Treaty, allowing sugar and other products to enter the United States without customs duties; treaty ratified by the United States Senate on 15 August 1876. (HHS "Chronology")

6 July 1887

King Kalakaua is forced by the Hawaiian League, a group favoring a more liberalized constitution, to sign the "bayonet constitution" which included a clause giving the United States exclusive use of Pearl Harbor. (Coffman, 91-96)

14 January 1893

Queen Lili`uokalani attempted to proclaim a new constitution, restoring to the throne powers that were deleted in the constitution of 1887. (HHS "Chronology"; Littler, 22-23)

17 January 1893

Queen Lili`uokalani deposed; a provisional government established under Sanford B. Dole. (HHS "Chronology"; Littler, 22-23)

4 July 1894

The Republic of Hawaii is established. (HHS "Chronology"; Littler, 22-23)

7 July 1898

President McKinley signs a joint resolution of Congress annexing Hawaii to the United States. (Swindler, 79)

30 April 1900

Territory of Hawaii created by the United States when President McKinley signs the Organic Act. (Swindler, 83-105)

22 April 1903

Legislature passed a single act creating six original counties. (Hawaii Terr. Laws 1903, reg. sess., act 31, ch. 1/pp. 39-43; for page numbers of particular counties, see following citations)

13 April 1905

HAWAII created by the Territory of Hawaii from EAST HAWAII (extinct), WEST HAWAII (extinct), all other islands lying within three nautical miles of the shores thereof, and the waters adjacent thereto; EAST HAWAII, and WEST HAWAII eliminated. (Hawaii Terr. Laws 1905, reg. sess., act 39, ch. 1/p. 45)

KALAWAO redefined [no change]. (Hawaii Terr. Laws 1905, reg. sess., act 39, ch. 1/p. 45)

KAUAI redefined [no change]. (Hawaii Terr. Laws 1905, reg. sess., act 39, ch. 1/p. 45)

MAUI redefined [no change]. (Hawaii Terr. Laws 1905, reg. sess., act 39, ch. 1/p. 45)

OAHU redefined [no change]. (Hawaii Terr. Laws 1905, reg. sess., act 39, ch. 1/p. 45)

30 April 1907

HONOLULU created from all of OAHU (extinct) when the "City and County of Honolulu" was incorporated; OAHU County eliminated. [Small islands in HONOLULU County extend as far west as Midway Island and are not displayed on interactive map; shapefile users see HI_small_islands.pt for locations.] (Hawaii Terr. Laws 1907, reg. sess., act 118, ch. 1/pp. 200-243)

4 April 1950

In an effort to obtain statehood, a Hawaii Constitutional Convention convened and the resulting constitution was later ratified by the voters. United States Congress delayed action on approving Hawaii's request. (HHS "Chronolgy"; Swindler, 120; Van Zandt, 166)

18 March 1959

Statehood for Hawaii approved by the U.S. Senate on March 11, by the House on March 12 and signed by the President on March 18. (Swindler, 120-133; Van Zandt, 166)