Autumn brings staff changes

While I have been a part of the project team since the project began early this year, today I step into my new role as Cataloging Project Librarian for the French pamphlet cataloging project as Eric moves into his new position as Acquisitions Manager.  Over the past two years I have worked on several special collections projects at the Newberry Library as a Cataloging Project Librarian, including cataloging materials for the Newberry’s Roger S. Baskes Collection of cartographic and travel materials and theological and rare materials in the McCormick Theological Seminary Collection and collections identified via the Gannon Initiative.

Because we are now almost a year along in the project, it will be an opportune time to take a fresh look at our workflows and to meet with the project team to discuss what types of training have or have not worked for them.  One thing that has worked especially well for us is our project wiki, which has been not only a great research tool for cataloging activities but also an invaluable reference tool for documenting project guidelines and workflows as they evolve.  More feedback to come as I begin my new position!

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