Transitioning out of the project

As I prepare to begin an exciting new (for me) position as Acquisitions Manager, I’m surveying the landscape of the French pamphlet project, what we’ve learned, what we’ve accomplished…  I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made in the 9 months or so since the project officially began.  The candidates we found for the Project Cataloging Assistant positions have done a great job.  With an intellectual curiosity and a desire to accomplish a job-well-done, I’m glad to say that in terms of our projected time-line, we are ahead on our production statistics.  It’s also been satisfying to see the growth in cataloging skills among the assistants.  Remembering the challenge it was for me to teach subject analysis, I’m happy to say now that there are some subjects for which various assistants have developed an expertise, through research and perhaps trial-and-error, and I find myself drawing on their insights when cataloging a pamphlet of the same subject.  I’m happy to leave the project in a good state of operation, with the project humming along.  It’s also exciting to know that as Jessica assumes the role of lead cataloger for the project, she’ll be bringing some fresh eyes that will no doubt be helpful in tweaking the current workflow and that, as staff will (unfortunately, but probably) turn over in the course of the project, she’ll have the chance to work with new Project Cataloging Assistants, have the great experience of learning by teaching, and have the enjoyment of seeing the cataloging skills of new assistants develop and flourish under her guidance.  Much thanks to everyone for the chance to work on this project, and for all the help and collaboration I received along the way.  The project truly felt like a team effort and I was glad to play a part of it!

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