IRLA show and tell

The Independent Research Libraries Association (IRLA) held a meeting for representatives from their member institutions at the Newberry today.  The final portion of their visit included a sort of show and tell with examples of recent acquisitions and projects from of our various collections, including the French pamphlet collections.  The setup was fun in that each Newberry staff member representing a particular collection or area was stationed at a table in one of the reading rooms, with each table containing some items for display and discussion.  Much like one would do at a poster session, the guests were able to simply walk from table to table in any order to see the examples from our collections and ask questions.  We had items representing the several pamphlet collections that officially comprise the work of the CLIR grant: the French Revolution Collection (FRC); Louis XVI Trial and Execution Collection; Saint-Sulpice Collection; and Collection of publishers’ prospectuses, catalogs, and other materials.  The visit provided a great opportunity to talk about the collections and the work we’ve done so far.

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