More tools from the wiki…

Here are some more online resources from the wiki to help in the work of cataloging the pamphlets:

Place names

Name Authority Resources

  • BNF Catalog générale may be useful in resolving unqualified names when M&W isn’t. Under Recherches avancées, search Dans les index, which allows you to browse an index by Auteur (among others). Some names have authority records linked.
  • ETANOT : ETat des NOTaires de Paris – Searchable database maintained by the Centre historique des Archives nationales containing biographical details and addresses of public notaries in France from the 15th century to the present.
  • List of Convention nationale members – A convenient list of members of the Convention nationale, organised by département – useful for finding the right AF.
  • Scholarly Societies Project – Sponsored by the University of Waterloo Library, this project concisely documents the histories, activities, and various names changes of scholarly societies throughout the world with a focus on societies in North America and Europe.  Nearly 200 French societies are included.  This site is helpful for dating pamphlets and for authority control.

Dictionaries and Grammar

Legalese — I’ve found a couple of resources helpful in determining dates of laws and resolutions; search by month, date and key words of law or resolution.  Helpful when you don’t have year of publication.  Both are full text on Google books:

Digitized Pamphlet Collections

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