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Timeline – Homeland

Low – Casino Revenue

Please close this window to return to previous page. So, the economics of Four Winds Casino, New Buffalo has been of great benefit to everybody. It’s been very good for the tribe, it’s also been good for the state and for the local municipalities. The state receives 8 percent of the revenues from our slot [...]


Please close this window to return to previous page. Nick Vander Puy: George Meyer, we’re at Bad River Indian Reservation. We’ve been getting together with tribal biologists, with spearers, with netters, with tribal attorneys, state attorneys. It’s kind of an old home week. George Meyer: It truly is. Many of these people were in the [...]


Providing meat for their families was primarily the job of men, although women sometimes hunted small animals. Hunting methods, based on extensive knowledge of the habits of game animals, included shooting with a bow and arrow or gun and setting various kinds of traps. Hunters had different arrows for different kinds of game: small ones [...]

Legal Identity

Legal identity is established by the federal government and by tribal governments. If the federal government acknowledges that an individual is legally Indian, then that individual is entitled to certain benefits. These benefits follow from the government’s “trustee” responsibility to Indians as established by the Supreme Court. More importantly, Congress recognizes that it owes certain [...]