Transcribing Faith

Instructions and Tips for Transcription and Translation

Transcribing Faith is a wiki-style tool for transcription and translation that allows for collaborative modification of the content produced by its users.

Any user may start a transcription or translation. To begin, click on the document of your choice. You will be taken to a web page that allows you to view the individual document pages. Click on a document page labeled “not started.” The page will appear in a viewer. Use the tools in the upper left corner of the viewer to zoom in and out and move around the document page. Below the viewer is an editing box with two tabs: Transcribe and Translate. Click on the tab you wish to use, put your cursor into the editing box, and begin typing.

Similarly, any user can build upon another user’s work by adding to or editing an incomplete transcription or translation. Click on a document page labeled “incomplete” and follow the instructions above.

Please save your work frequently.

Transcription tips

Translation tips

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