Photographing Freetowns: African American Kentucky Through the Lens of Helen Balfour Morrison, 1935-1946


Curators: Martha Briggs and Catherine Grandgeorge
Project Director: Diane Dillon
Exhibition Assistant: Jessica Weller
Conservators and Installers: Lesa Dowd and Kasie Janssen
Digital Photographer: Catherine Gass
Designer for Exhibition Graphics: M.N. Kennedy
Designer for Promotional Graphics: Andrea Villasenor
Editor: Alex Teller
Gallery Preparators: Chris Cermak, Pete Diernberger, Drin Gyuk, Mike Mitchell, Tony Siemiawski, John Tallon, Jason Ulane
Digital Exhibition: Christy Karpinski

Special thanks to Sarah Hoskins and longtime Zion Hill resident Myrtle B. (Livers) Hughes,
who identified many of the individuals in the photographs. Myrtle is pictured here holding
Helen Morrison’s photograph of her as a child.

Photographing Freetowns is sponsored by the Morrison-Shearer Foundation, Joan and Robert Feitler, and the Rosaline G. Cohn Endowment for Exhibitions.

The Helen Balfour Morrison Photographs of Kentucky African American Communities are a 2016 gift of the Morrison-Shearer Foundation of Northbrook, Illinois.

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  1. Myrtle B. and Me, Sarah Hoskins, © 2014