French Revolution Pamphlets Digital Initiative

French Revolution Pamphlets Digital Initiative

About the pamphlets

The Newberry’s French Revolutionary materials are among the most comprehensive in the world. Both ephemeral and enduring, the French pamphlet collections enrich the study French and European history, as well as the impact in the U.S. and elsewhere, shedding light on debates about the concept of revolution and the meaning of citizenship. The materials support numerous fields of literary and historical study including legal, social, and cultural history and the history of printing and publication.

French Revolution Collection (FRC): The French Revolution Collection consists of more than 30,000 pamphlets and more than 23,000 issues of 180 periodicals published between 1780 and 1810. The collection represents the opinions of all the factions that opposed and defended the monarchy during the turbulent period between 1789-1799 and also contains innumerable ephemeral publications of the early Republic.


Louis XVI Trial and Execution Collection: A collection of about 530 pamphlets document the imprisonment, trial and execution of Louis XVI, published between August 10, 1792 and Jan. 21, 1793. The pamphlets contain evidence against the king, defense of the king, public opinion on both sides of the issue, and moral and political reflections on judging and executing a king.

Thanks to grant support from the Council on Library and Information Resources, users worldwide now have access to these collections digitized in their entirety and rendered full-text searchable.

Digital tools and resources

The Newberry invites researchers and instructors to incorporate the digital collection in new kinds of scholarship and engagement.

Crowdsourcing and digital pedagogy: Our classroom tool facilitates assignments such as translation crowdsourcing workshops. Our featured translations site presents student-contributed translations for public browsing.

Project updates and highlights: View our project blog for accessible writing on featured collection items. video

Open data files: To facilitate text and data mining projects, the Newberry is making the entire corpus of full text and metadata available as easily downloadable data bundles.

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