Something unusual in Record Group 8

Record Group 8 H 7, in oversize

I am deep into processing Record Group 8 now and have found that the amount and type of material extant varies from company to company. Some small lines are represented by only one volume of records, some have up to 30 boxes containing everything from correspondence, circulars, stock and bond lists, to legal documents and construction ledgers. Small controversies arise from time to time, accusations of fraud over land sales, conflicts of interest, and lawsuits over foreclosures and takeovers. These usually end with the CB&Q as owner.

The Hannibal and St. Joseph Rail Road was one of the oldest of these companies, established in 1846, and was the first line to cross Missouri. The CB&Q leased its tracks early on and acquired it in 1883. The materials of the H.&St.J. are among the most comprehensive in Record Group 8. They include papers relating to legal disputes with the U.S. Postal Service and Western Union, survey maps, and a group of papers pertaining to the line’s purchase by CB&Q.

They also include this volume, Working Drawings for Buildings (ca. 1868), which is somewhat unusual as Record Group 8 does not contain a great deal of visual material. The volume consists of mechanical spec drawings done by noted civil engineer George L. Vose for various utility buildings along the Hannibal and St. Joseph line.

Hannibal & St. Joseph Rail Road Engine House

Hannibal & St. Joseph Rail Road Truck House

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